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Bronze Goddess Beauty On A Budget

Self-care is for you! Bronze Goddess Beauty Spa makes self-care affordable.

Let us help you shine and glow with our Bronze Goddess Beauty on a budget Special.

Choose from any of our 5 specials for an amazing Five-step 30-minute facial that allows us to pamper you in serenity while bringing out your inner glow. 

Choose your 30-minute Shine & Glow Facial Series


Green Tea Facial $60
1. Face wash
2. Pumice scrub 

3. Toner
4. Green tea and Hyaluronic Serum
5. Green Tea facial moisturizer

Complimentary  SPF 30 

Pumpkin Spice Facial $60
1. Pumpkin Spice Brightening Face wash
2. Pumpkin Spice Brightening Face mask 
3. Toner

4. Moisturizing Serum

5. Pumpkin spice moisturizing souffle

    Com[limentary SPF 30 

pexels-anna-shvets-3852148Spa days.jpg

Egyptian Rose Facial  $ 60

1. Gentle cleanser.

2. Egyptian rose hydrojelly face mask

3. Rose toner

4. Special Willow Bark Vit E moisturizing gel

5. Rose cream mositurizer

Complimentary SPF 30

Organic Egyptian Rose Petals and buds along with Willow Bark.

Grapefruit Facial $60

1. Grapefruit Moisturizing Face wash w/ Vit E

2. Camomille hydrojelly mask

3. Vitamin E face tonic

4. Vitamine E anti-aging oil

5. Vitamin -C  & Carrot moisturizer

Complimentary SPF 30 

Yes! We have Vitamin C and E, enriched facial.

istockphoto-609094134-612x612AA Male.jpg

Aloe Vera facial $80
1. Aloe wash
2. Aloe Vera Hydro Peel mask
3. Aloe toner
4. Hyaluronic Acid Serum

5. Vitamin-E Hydrating gel
6. Aloe moisturizer
Complimentary SPF 30

Aloe Vera extracts.

The Bronze Goddess Beauty Spa Signature Series facials, feature high-quality natural and organic skin care products designed to pamper.

young-woman-having-face-massage-relaxing-spa-salon (1).jpg

Vajacial  $80

There’s a facial for your vagina! Try a vaginal cleanse and refresh.

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