Natural Beauty Products

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Bronze Goddess Eyelash Extensions


Natural/Classic Look Eyelash

Extensions - Natural-looking lashes, eliminating your need for mascara.

(full set) - $125 | $60 (2 weeks infill) 


Application time approximately: 1-2.5 hours.

Approximately 80 – 100 lashes per eye are attached to each of your eyelashes individually.

Eyelash length: approximately 8 -11 mm.

Hybrid Eyelash

Natural set with the addition of longer lashes towards

the corner of the eyelashes at the corner.

(full set) - $165 | $65 (2 weeks infill) 

Application time is approximately: 1– 2.5 hours.


Approximately 75 – 90 lashes per eye are attached to each of your eyelashes individually.

Eyelash length: approximately 8 – 14 mm.


Volume Eyelash Extensions

Long lashes with the most effect!

(full set) - $225| $90 (2 weeks infill) 

Application time approximately: 2 – 2.5 hours.

Approximately 75 – 100 lashes per eye are attached to each of your eyelashes individually.

Eyelash length: approximately 12 -15 mm.

Eye Lash Removal - $25

*Please note - Lashes with less than 50% remaining of the original set with be charged for a full set.


Eyebrow Enhancing!

Lamination $120

Microblading $299 - $999

Ombre Powder Brows $299 - $799

Hybrid brows $299 - $799


Hair Removal

Chin $16-20

Neck $17-18

Eyebrows $20-25

Ears $15-20

Cheeks $16

Upper Lip $13-15-20

Lower Lip $13-15 --- 20 if both lips i think

Hairline $14

Nose $15-16

Sideburns $15-16

Full Face $62


Armpits  $ 70

Lower Legs $84

Upper Legs (thighs) $45-50

Knees $21

Bikini $45-60 if brazilian

Tummy $18/38-40

Chest $29-38

Nipples $15-17

Hands $18-20 

Toes $18-20

Bum $31-40 if just crack/strip $23-30

Back $29 lower back, $32 mid/upper, half back $40,  $76 if full back

Shoulders $30

Bronze Goddess Facial & Skin

The Bronze Goddess Glow $105.00

This 30-minute express facial is performed in our exquisite treatment center. Service includes: 10 -minute skin analyis consultation for a fully customizable facial. This service is great for clients that would like to see brightening, more hydration, and help with mild pigmentation issues.

***What is included in the facial: deep cleanse, enzyme treatment with steam bath, extractions, specialty mask, serum, moisturizer, and SPF.

The Mini Micro-Mimosa Facial $155.00

Let us use our finely crushed diamond tool to remove the top layer of your dead skin. Treat yourself!

Hydration Facial $80.00

For serious hydration! This serum liquid infused treatment is mixed with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants. This facial deeply hydrates to promote firmness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restores a healthy glow.

The Microdermabrasion Spritzer $130.00

Microdermabrasion is a noninvasive, skin resurfacing procedure that gently polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin that looks and feels smoother and lightens pigmentation marks. No downtime, but skin sensitivities and redness are common for 24-48 hours. Not recommended for acne skin types.

ADD ON to your Bronze Goddess Glow

The Energy Shot $10.00

Get the most out of your facial cocktail by adding a mini chemical peel to remove dead skin and bring out a stunning glow.

**This treatment must be added onto a facial service and not booked alone, or it will be canceled

The Malibu Eye Treatment $10.00

A highly specialized treatment to firm, moisturize, and brighten up your eye area. 

The Oxygen Mai Tai Add-On $30.00

Add on to any facial to strengthen skin's elasticity, eliminate acne causing bacteria, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while evening out your skin tone. **This treatment must be added onto a facial service and not booked alone, or it will be canceled**

The White Russian Molding Mask $20.00

Choose between the Gold Shimmer, Goji Antioxidant, Sky Blue Aloe, or Black Detox. The perfect mask cocktail for dehydrated and congested skin.  **This treatment must be added onto a facial service and not booked alone, or it will be canceled**


RF Treatment $155.00

This anti-aging RF Treatment is used to create stimulation of the molecules under the dermis layer that rubs and create heat then in which collagen fibers immediately contract and stimulate, creating a reconstruction of long term.

Body Contouring Therapies

Brazilian Butte Lift $450


Lift, Shaping, & Enhancement

 3-4 per treatments 

30 minutes per sesion

Breast Lift $250

30 minute 3-4 treatments 

Body Cavitation

This treatment focus on fat reduction 

By killing stubborn fat by up to 3 - 4 inches

30-minute Treatment $99

  60-minute Treatment $199

      60-minute 3 Treatments $585

      60-minute 6 Treatments $995

Cellulite Treatment

30-minute Treatment $79


Skin Tightening Treatment

30-minute Neck $150

30-minute Face $150

30-minute Body $99 - $299 (per area)

Bronze Goddess Beauty on a Budget?

You need self-care too and you can afford it!

Let us help you shine and glow with our Bronze Goddess Beauty on a budget Specials.

Choose from any of our 5 specials for an amazing three-step 30-minute facial allows us to pamper you in serenity while bringing out your inner glow. These facials are specifically formulated and designed to soften skin, help reduce inflammation, detox, decrease acne, hydrate, and rejuvenate leaving your skin radiant and healthy.

Beauties on a Budget Specials

30-minute 3 Step Facials with a Mask of your choice

  1. Cleanser

  2. Gentle Exfoliation

  3. Moisturizer

Green Tea Facial $60

Green Tea Mask removes toxins throughs its natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties that has a variety of benefit for the skin.  Green tea amazing properties fight bacteria that lead to acne breakouts, prevent premature aging, protect and reverse damage caused by UV and protect from irritation.

Citrus Facial $60

Citrus Facial Mask uses its natural properties to fight free radical action and prevents the skin from aging by reducing bacterial action and pathogens present under the skin, which supports your skin glow naturally.

Hydration Facial $65

Hydrating Facial Masks are a perfect way of rejuvenating the skin by imparting moisture-retaining qualities to dry, sensitive, and mature skin. Hydrating Masks soothes, protects and revitalizes the skin while sealing in moisture, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth, and supple.  Hydrating Mask will restore, replenish, and helps dry skin to retain moisture.

Collagen $65

Collagen Facial Mask is like super-food for your skin infused and saturated with hydrolyzed collagen. This mask promotes plump, firm, and elastic skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother glowing appearance.  Collagen masks This facial will instantly leave your skin with a luminous, younger, and radiant glow.

Retinol Facial $65

Retinol Facial Mask is an intensive treatment that improves the skin by hydrating, moisturizing, and restoring the skin's elasticity. This facial promotes firmness and tone while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.