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Come get a facial and relax.

Get our luxury facials, we offer 4 different luxury facials we have our Bronze Goddess Glow facial which is fully customizable, then our Hydra Facial , facial is a powerful non-invasive facial machine designed to penetrate products deep into the skin for greater, faster results (top seller), we also have a Hydration facial that uses products that help your skin be hydrated, and our last luxury facial is the Microdermabrasion facial that uses a diamond tip section tool is achieve deep exfoliation. All our luxury facials are a 60 minute service.

If you need a quick facial (30 minutes) we have our express facials. We have 5 express facials to choose from. We have a Green Tea facial, Pumpkin Spice facial, Grapefruit facial, Egyptian Rose facial and an Aloe Vera Facial. They all include a double cleansing, mask, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Come schedule an appointment with our many great estheticians that are super excited to help you at Bronze Goddess Beauty and if your not sure what to get we offer a free consultation just call to book an appointment at 279-333-7222.

Video description: two best friends getting a hydra facial from our two estheticians, Essence and Julianna.

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