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Fat cells don't fight fair, neither should you!

You should know "weight loss massage is a relaxing way to lose weight and reduce cellulite (1), (2). Research shows that a balanced diet, exercise, and massage designed for weight loss is an effective strategy to lose weight fast (3), (4). Moreover, you will get long-term weight loss benefits. This post tells you how massages work for fat loss and the three scientific ways to massage your body to shed pounds. Read on!

Massage can stimulate weight loss in many ways. Here's how they work and the benefits you will reap:

  • Reduces Abdominal Fat: Belly fat is a point of concern for many. Thankfully, a study shows that massaging the abdominal area with aromatic oils five days a week helps reduce abdominal fat tissue and waist circumference. It was also found to improve body image (1).

  • Increases Blood Circulation: A full body massage helps increase blood circulation (5). This helps eliminate the toxic waste in your body and improves metabolism.

  • Tones The Muscles: Weight loss massages can help in toning your body, especially the muscles. They can also decrease stiffness and soreness in the muscles (6).

  • Improves Digestive Functions: A healthy gut also helps in weight loss. Massaging helps stimulate gut activity, thereby improving bowel movement, reducing constipation, and decreasing abdominal pain (7), (8).

  • Reduces Stress: Stress leads to toxin build-up in the body, which can lead to metabolic slowdown and overeating. Massaging helps reduce stress and releases "feel-good" hormones (9). This helps reduce the production of hunger hormones and prevents excessive eating (10)..."

Talk with your doctor first. When you are cleared to take on fat! Kick off your battle with fat with a multi-tiered program and fight back in 2023! Try combining Sauna Body Pod therapy, noninvasive BBL, and Massage therapy!

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