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The Younger-Looking You is within You!

Kick off February 2023 and Black History Month with a younger-looking you!

Bronze Goddess Beauty has a Procell Casting Call for Yaw!

We are looking for 40 people to sign up for The Bronze Goddess Beauty Spa Procell Spa Day! ProCell microchanneling therapy (30 years and up and concerned with looking younger) A Procell National Representative and our Certified Procell Bronze Goddess Beauty skincare expert will be onsight. Everyone that signs up for our $499 Procell therapy will get a 20% discount on their initial session and a 20% discount on a follow-up session if needed, which will be about 8-12 weeks. Call us at 279-333-7222.

We will need your name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, and a small deposit. Best Regards, -- Melinda Powell, FNP, RN, MSN,

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