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Upper Lip & Eyebrow Shaping

Make your lash appointment a little bit SMOOTHER!


Upper Lip & Eyebrow shaping

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About Melinda...

My passion is helping others get healthy and stay healthy. I am a lifelong learner committed to self-improvement. I love helping people look and feel their best.

I learned cosmetology before starting my nursing career and even more while practicing and teaching nursing.

My lifelong dream was to open a place where I could share with people that the beauty of life is feeling and looking your best and that is why Bronze Goddess Beauty exists. I am certified in Platelet Rich Plasma, Sclerotherapy, Kybella, Botox, and Absorbable PDO Threads, Laser Medical Aesthetics Essentials, and Intense Pulse Light Hair Removal Training from The National Laser Institute.

I started Bronze Goddess Beauty because it is our pleasure to help you indulge in self-care. Our goal is to help your inner light shine and your external body glow by offering noninvasive treatments for wellness and beauty through refining, refreshing, and rejuvenation therapies. Sacramento, we are looking forward to your visit.


About the treatment

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic treatment that involves applying individual synthetic or natural fibers to the existing eyelashes using a special adhesive. The extensions are carefully placed to enhance the length, thickness, and curl of the natural lashes. 

Upper Lip Treatment involves the removal of unwanted hair from the upper lip area using various methods such as threading, waxing, or sugaring. The process is quick and painless.

Eyebrow Shaping is focused on enhancing the shape and appearance of the eyebrows by removing excess hair and creating a more defined and polished look. A skilled esthetician can help determine the best shape for an individual's face and natural brow shape.

Bronze Goddess Beauty, customizes each treatment to meet your specific goals. Book your Eyelash Extensions now and take the first step towards the skin you deserve.

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