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What Does our Summer Body Sauna Pod feel like?

  • Drink water. Make sure you’re hydrated before going into an infrared sauna. Drink a glass of water before your session. You can also bring water into the sauna, especially if you’re sensitive to higher heat.


What should you know before you try an infrared sauna?

There are a few things you should know before indulging in your first session.

  • Avoid using an infrared sauna if you’ve been drinking alcohol.

  • Using an infrared sauna will cause you to sweat a lot, so you may feel lightheaded when you stand up. If this happens, make sure you get up slowly and sit down once you leave the sauna. Drink water immediately after finishing your session and wait for your body to cool down before doing anything else.

  • In extreme cases, some people may experience overheating (heat stroke and heat exhaustion) or dehydration.

  • If you feel ill or have a fever, it’s best to wait to use the sauna until you feel better.

  • If you have any health conditions such as high blood pressure or heart problems or are under medical care, get cleared by your doctor before your first session. Even though infrared saunas have been found to be fairly safe, you don’t want to take any chances regarding your health and safety.

Spa Treatment
  • Length of time. For first-time users, start with 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you can add time to each session until you reach the suggested time of 20 to 30 minutes. Saunas come with a timer, so make sure to set it. You don’t want to stay in there too long and risk becoming dehydrated.

  • Clothing. How you dress is your choice. Some people will wear bathing suits, while others prefer our plastic body suits.

  • What you can do while in the sauna. Relax, read, meditate, or listen to music. Just don’t go to sleep.

  • After the session is over. When your session is done, it’s suggested that you take your time and let your body cool down. Once cooled down, feel free to take a shower or bath. Just make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

  • The number of sessions per week. Most facilities that offer infrared sauna treatments recommend using the sauna three to four days per week. However, if you are healthy and tolerate the four days, you can use the sauna daily.

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Summer body sauna pod treatment. Revitalize, refresh and rejuvenate. Whether you are looking for a one-time 15-minute pod session or a customizable plan, we are here to meet your needs. So schedule your time slot today!

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