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Procell Delux


The Guests starts with ProCell treatment, followed by two hydrating facials foe scheduled afterwards.

4 Sessions MMM


4 BBL's 


Intro to Spa Life A Side


This package called Intro to Spa Life includes eight body contouring sessions, four Ultrasonic fat cavitation treatments, ten Summer Body Sauna Pod sessions, and eight Vacuum and LED Light therapy sessions. Partnering with BGB, this package will help you rediscover your true self and achieve your goals by 2024.

2 Session MMM Package


10 Sessions MMM


BGB All Leg!


Free consultation. Then you can lock i 8  sessions of body sculpting for your legs.

Spring Body Tranformation


So you wanna experience Spring Body Transformation? Your time to shine is now! The program includes a Consultation with the Specialist and depending on your needs and goals the Skin expert will tailor your 5 sessions using the latest techniques and technology such as: Slimming Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Vacuum Cellulite and Lipo-drainage. Each session is crafted to target different body areas, such as: Muffin top, Love handles, waist, booty, tummy, flanks, tights and arms. Amazing!

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