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Love, Love me true... Your skin will say I do!

"...A survey of 2,000 American women 35 and older looked at their skincare journeys and found that nearly three-quarters say their confidence is impacted by how their skin looks (72%).

More than half of women acknowledged that their skin insecurities prompted them to cover up their bodies (55%). The top skin care concerns that women struggle with are combination skin (31%), dry skin (29%), and wrinkles (28%). That's why 68 percent try to take preventative care of their skin before it experiences any noticeable trauma, such as sunburns or stretch marks.

"Caring for your skin means finding products that work best for you and your skincare needs," says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jaimie Glick in a statement. "Ingredients like lactic acid are important when looking for a body lotion or cream, as the lactic acid hydrates as well as gently exfoliates to stimulate your skin's natural renewal process leading to lasting hydration and rejuvenation of rough, dry skin."

When caring for their skin, women say the most neglected areas of their bodies are their backs (25%) and feet (18%). Although the results were close, respondents confirmed that summer is the most challenging season to take care of their skin (31%), followed by winter (30%) – when they say their skin gets the driest (45%).

These struggles only get more complicated with age, for 64 percent of women who say their skin is not as easy to take care of as it was ten years ago. For those with a routine in place, 56 percent admit that it's gotten more complex with age, and women expect that their skin will be the most difficult to take care of when they approach 60..."

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